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  • Fast shipment all over the world.
  • Best custumor service.
  • The best u can get! 4mm at the top.
  • Where others stop, we bash on !!!

For the maxx v2 !

With the rear mounting system.! ( you need the original front

Brandnew !

Precut !  ( no holes ) 

4mm at the topside

In stock for now !

Fireteam Basherbug

€89.00 €80.00
In stock for now !

Fireteam Basherbug

€89.00 €80.00

Precut, 4mm topside  ! 

No decals available

NOTE ! :  you need the arrma kraton mounting set as shown in the pictures and some screws for that😉

Brandnew!! Comes precut, including the new designed rear mounting kit! 

No more popping off😊

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JS-Parts is an association of several RC enthusiasts who have turned their hobby into a part-time job.

All our parts are 100% in-house developments and over 90% made in Germany.

We attach great importance to quality and customer satisfaction, according to the slogan "By Bashers, for Bashers", we try again and again with new, high-quality, but also useful parts to give our customers the opportunity to continue their car according to their ideas to improve, change and individualize.

Fitting for : Max5 hobbywing esc

                     Max6 hobbywing esc 


All other motors accept the big can 800kv size

Sold out

Adapterplate: product description;

Contains 2 pieces, adjustable incl. Screws

Fitting for : hobbywing Max5 

Motor size : 800kv



X-Maxx Chassis Brace

€69.99 €64.99

X-Maxx Chassis Brace

€69.99 €64.99

7075 t6 black adonized !

If you jump crash or drive like a maniac, this is the product for you ! 

It stiffens up the whole rig! And together with a basherbodie, you have a TANK.! 😉

Check the 3d parts out aswell, it could save you the shipping costs! 

Color : black 

More to come ! 


We also have x-maxx braces, and a 6x6 conversionset !