if you want them to last....
  • Fast shipment all over the world.
  • Best custumor service.
  • The best u can get! 4mm at the top.
  • Where others stop, we bash on !!!

Who are we.


We are bashers ourselves, and we love the whole rc hobby!

Starting in 2015 trying to create a bodie for ourselves with a lot of failure and laughter !

In the end of 2017 we made solid bodies in 2mm material, this however, would prove not to be good enough for us.....We wanted the best of the best, and so, we keep'd pushing our machinery and in the end, made our own machine who could make 4mm bodies !!

This proved  (combined with our no-nonsence best worldwide customer service) a winning concept, and so..... BASHERBODIES went on Facebook and went viral within 1 year...

And sofar, we still have a 100% happy, satisfied, customer rating !!

How to get your original basherbodies product.

By simply clicking your rc car brand, you will find all our fitting models.

Always read the full product description.

We try to put as much info with the product as possible.

Our other products besides bodies.

At this stage in time, we are proud to tell you:

we have in stock:

bash-packs  (cap-pack)

rgb-lightstrips (plug and play)

t-shirts (merchandise)

Decal sets (on almost any model)

Js-parts  (3d ultraflex parts to color up your rc)

2nd choice bodies ! (minor defected body's like a scratch)

that we are the ONLY company who can order in ANY parts from our friend Js-Parts Germany, who creates the nicest 3d parts in ULTRAFLEX ,

these parts are so rigid, yet flexible,,,,! They will last even a real basher!

We keep several parts in stock, however, most are to be seen at the direct link to JS-Parts shop. 

There is a direct link on the main-page, costomers can let us know what you want, and we order it in for the costomers.

Why buy sutch an expensive rc shell and not another brand?


let's make a quick calculation:

You get a nicely colored lexan shell or different brand model, it will cost you approx 70 USD or if you decide on painting it yourself 110 (all materials needed incl.)

you'll be enjoying that for a couple of months, then you need a replacement... or ....1 bad hit  !

On the other hand, you can also get one of our products and enjoy it way way way longer !!

And yes, they are black or white, however: with the optional decal sets available (and our Js-Parts ) you can really make the body stand out. Almost as nice as a lexan model, and youll be turning heads by doing so for a long time, on every bash meeting with friends and family !!

Complete precut 

With rear and front basherbodies mounting system👍

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