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The basher


The basher


Stylish classic truck ! 

As always 4mm at the topside and 3+ mm at the wheelarches😄 


Originaly desighnd for the tekno mt410

But wil fit the majority of all rc cars

Aprox 440mm long

And 180mm wide

Wheelbase 340 mm 


As always: precut !


Black or white.

This killer looking 1/8 scale truck measures

18.11 inch long

460mm lang

180mm breed

And its a new ,never tryed yet model..!! 



Black only! 


Altho the rear can be shortend verry easy by looking at the model, we recommend you measure 😊


I think it will fit 80% of the 1/8 scale cars with its big wheel space... 

Great and robust !

If you like this model for another rc car, let us know, so we wont cut out the front and rear !!!!

Universal for 1/10 aswell as the 1/8 scale rc cars ,


4mm at the topside 3 on the sides

Black and white

460 mm long
180 mm wide 

Fitting for :


Arrma kraton ,senton

Hpi savage 

Traxxas / slash off road...  ( monsterslash ) 4x4


Tekno mt410
Team asociated rival mt10



The mudder


The mudder


Universal 1/8 scale 


Precut unless asked otherwise in the comment section


Black or white

460mm long , 180mm wide. 

4mm at the topside!!

!!! NEW !!!

New x-maxx "ARRMY"

!!! NEW !!!

New x-maxx "ARRMY"


New model,

comes precut,

black and white

Only the body, you need to put the mountings in it yourself. 

needed to fit this body: 8 pc longer 3mm screws ( body is 4mm instead of the 0.4 mm lexan)

Inner traxxas system. ( reuse your old one,or get it at a hobbyshop ☺️ )

New !!!

1/10 baja hotrod

New !!!
New !!!

1/10 baja hotrod


Nice body, 


!!!!!!  UNCUT  !!!!!!



Example picture is on a traxxas stampede..  mounting is challenging do to the model, so be creative😉

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